Mappyfiber Piano

Mappyfiber® Piano is an acoustic absorption and heat insulation modular panel made of 100% polyester fibers, bearing the CE marking. Mappyfiber® Piano combines perfectly the aesthetic quality and decorative effect with the highest sound absorption performance.
It improves the acoustic comfort and removes sound reverberation in a practical and creative way because Mappyfiber® Piano panels are available in many standard patterns and can be completely customized to the needs of the client (for the minimum order contact our customer service). Mappyfiber® is available in a flat or curved version.

Mappyfiber® Piano is excellent for public areas where attention to safety standards require the use of certified products of high quality, including areas where high moisture is present, but without limiting creativity and the need for aesthetics in places such as: kindergartens, schools, recreation rooms in general, music rooms, recording studios, theaters, cinemas, nightclubs, dance halls, pubs, hospitals, offices, conference centers, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms, spas, swimming pools, shops and shopping centres.

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