Mappyfiber Baffle

Mappyfiber® Baffle is the new flexible acoustic panel for sound and
thermal insulation with concealed frame.
Each panel is produced entirely in Italy and it is composed exclusively by
polyester fibers coated with a Trevira Fabric to provide a further elegance
when it is used as design element: any panel perfectly combines the aesthetic
style and decorative effect with the highest technical performances.
Furthermore Mappyfiber® Baffle panels can be completely customized to
the needs of the client with digitally printed pictures on one or both sides.
Mappyfiber® Baffle complies with the latest safety regulations in public
places: in case of fire it does not spread flames nor it emits toxic fumes.
Polyester fibers are perfectly safe because they do not pose any health risk
and do not degrade over time.
Furthermore they are environmentally-friendly because they are totally
recyclable and are obtained from post consumer PET plastic bottles.
The panel can be used in places with high humidity because it is permeable
to water vapor and allows a correct transpiration of walls and ceilings.
Mappyfiber® Baffle is a decorative panel suitable to improve the acoustic
comfort of any room reducing the reverberation and the echo effect with
effi ciency and elegance. Its aesthetic quality meets indeed the multiple
needs of interior designers as well as those of architects.

Each flexible panel has been designed to be assembled together with
others in an array to create decorative compositions for walls, ceiling and
lamps. This unique product reduces the noise and provides a total creative
freedom improving also the viewing experience.
Mappyfiber® Baffle is the perfect product for public and private spaces
such as: kindergartens, schools, recreation rooms in general, music
rooms, recording studios, theaters, cinemas, nightclubs, dance halls, pubs,
hospitals, offices, conference centres, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms,
spas, swimming pools, shops, and shopping malls.
Mappyfiber® Baffle panels can be easily installed on walls just like a
painting and on ceilings with hooks and wires.
Please request our Installation Manual which includes the guidelines for a
correct application and all the available fastening systems.

Rectangular ~ 1200 x 600 x 45 mm

Density 66 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity λ = 0.0321 W/mK
Fire performance B s1 d0 EN13501-1
Acoustic absorption aw = 0.70, NRC = 0.80 (in adhesion)
aw = 0.85, NRC = 0.85

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