Experience and professionalism at your service

MAPPY ITALIA SPA is the first Italian market-leading company boasting over 40 years of experience in the acoustic and thermal insulation field. The company was created in 1974 and has established itself over the years thanks to the insights and skills of engineers and technicians from the chemical/plastic industry, who boast a rich experience in the sector. The company has implemented a Quality Management System based on the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

One company, three sectors

Our products can be used anywhere there is a sound problem:

  • industry (generators, refrigerators, air conditioning, HVAC; marine, automotive, aeronautical industries; electricity, appliance manufacturers, woodwork and carpentry sectors)
  • in the construction industry
  • in DIY (supermarkets, hardware and household goods)

All MAPPY ITALIA products are entirely made in Italy.

At the forefront with Mappy Italia’s R&D Lab

MAPPY ITALIA SPA is deeply committed to the quality of its products and the development of new, environmentally sustainable raw materials. For this reason in 2010 MAPPY ITALIA SPA renovated its Research & Development Laboratory by expanding it and providing it with highly qualified staff and a new set of instrumentations capable of performing chemical and physical analysis in addition to mechanical tests according to the most important relevant international standards. MAPPY ITALIA SPA collaborates with universities and international research groups and is supported by accredited laboratories and bodies for the certification of the acoustic, thermal and fire/smoke reaction properties of its products as well as LEED, CE and MED marking.

Where we are worldwide: MAPPY ITALIA SPA’s global sales network

MAPPY ITALIA SPA manufactures its products and materials in Italy and distributes them worldwide. The distribution in Italy is carried out mainly under MAPPY ITALIA SPA‘s brand, whereas foreign distribution is performed under the brands of large and important client companies to which MAPPY ITALIA SPA is a high quality and reliable partner. We provide our customers an all-round service, with support and customized packaging for the DIY line, as well as technical advice and development of ad-hoc products, to meet all of our customer’s requirements and needs. MAPPY ITALIA SPA is present in: Italy, Europe, Russia, Middle East, North Africa, South America, Oceania.