• Mappyband is a pre-compressed adhesive gasket in flexible polyurethane foam characterised by slow expansion from the initial thickness to the nominal thickness. Once positioned the gasket begins to expand to completely seal gaps.

    MAPPYBAND is ideal for sealing crevices where the gap is not uniform: between walls and window and... More information
  • Biapol CH is a double-side adhesive tape made of cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam. It is available in several thicknesses, roll widths and roll lengths.

    Biapol CH is ideal to be placed between metal profiles for partition walls and floor slab. It can be applied directly on the tiles avoiding ruining the floor with... More information
  • Polistik CH is a self-adhesive tape made of cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam.

    Polistik CH is ideal to be placed in the corner between the perimeter walls and the underlay mat to fully detach the floating screed from the walls and therefore preventing any possible noise and vibration transmission. Polistik CH is also... More information
  • Musstik Pell is a black rot-proof closed-cell material based on EPDM rubber.

    Musstik Pell is a wall insulation strip ideal to be positioned as a separating gasket above the floor slab and under the vertical partition to prevent any noise and vibration transmission between the walls and the slab.
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