False Ceiling 

  • MAPPYSIL CR 400 is a non-toxic sound-insulating and heat-insulating panel. MAPPYSIL CR 400 is rot-proof and resistant to mould, bacteria and rodents. It does not degrade over time. It is part of the ?green friendly? products. MAPPYSIL CR 400 reduces acoustic resonance and noise transmission. Ideal for insulating walls and ceilings, using MAPPYSIL CR 400... More information
  • SILSONIC is an eco-friendly panel for acoustic and thermal insulation made with new generation thermo-linked polyester fibers. PET fibers are safe and do not pose any health risk. Furthermore they are environmentfriendly because they obtained from post consumer PET plastic bottles.

    SILSONIC is the ideal product for thermal and... More information
  • Mappysil CR 201 is comprised of an elastomeric high density mass (Mappysilent) covered on one side by a chemically reticulated polyethylene layer with an anti-scratch surface (Polistik CH Antigraffio), and on the other side by a layer of closed-cell physically reticulated polyethylene (Polistik). The protective anti-scratch film has been specifically... More information