Garage line 

  • Adhesive, impermeable and rot-proof buffer strip coupled with a white/red fi lm to increase visibility. Antishock is applied to garage walls or any surface for preventing collisions. Universal use. More information
  • BUTYLTACK deadening adhesive tape in elastic, sealant butyl rubber, with one side covered in 100% aluminium. BUTYLTACK is easy to apply ensuring a perfect and long-lasting water-proofi ng. BUTYLTACK is used on metal sheets for elevators, industrial vehicles and car doors. BUTYLTACK suitable for noise and vibration reduction where low-width materials are... More information
  • Impermeable, anti-slip, embossed high-density polyethylene pad. MAPPYPAD suitable for any activity inside or outside the house that requires kneeling. In the garden, changing tyres and installing snow chains on the car, for installing tiles and parquet. MAPPYPAD makes any maintenance more comfortable without getting dirty. Sponge washable. More information
  • Adhesive panel in SELF-EXTINGUISHING polyurethane foam. MAPPYPELL, a sound-proofi ng panel, designed to sound-proof engine compartments of automobiles, appliances and small generators. MAPPYPELL, a technical product, is the answer to reducing noise in the DIY world More information
  • Mappytutto adhesive gasket in polyurethane, easy to apply and remove thanks to a non-woven fabric support. Compared with conventional polyurethane foams, MAPPYTUTTO is humidity resistant. MAPPYTUTTO is a gasket designed specifi cally for overhead doors in cellar areas, garages and boiler rooms. As well as a thermal function, protecting from hot and cold... More information
  • Roll made from polyester fi bre inside, and layers of 100% aluminium outside on both sides that give the product a good level of thermal insulation. TERMODUO suitable for covering overhead doors, boiler rooms and any room that requires thermal insulation. TERMODUO has a thermal function; it insulates rooms from heat losses. More information
  • High thermal performance roll made from polyester fi bre inside, and layers of 100% real aluminium outside on both sides. The formulation of TERMOSTOPNOISE ensures the product has a thermal coeffi cient that has been tested and certifi ed by motorhome manufacturers for its high thermal qualities. TERMOSTOPNOISE suitable for covering overhead doors,... More information