Acoustic absorption materials 

  • Fonoglass is a non-combustible and acoustic absorption felt made of 100% E-glass filaments mechanically linked without using chemicals. This product is water- and steam-proof as well as acids and oils resistant. More information
  • Mappycar aU is produced by coupling perforated faux leather reinforced with fabric and a self-extinguishing non-drip open-cell polyurethane resin. It is also available in an adhesive version with water-based acrylic glue. More information
  • MAPPYSIL BUGNATO is a sound-absorbing panel in self-extinguishing polyurethane foam. It is embossed to break up noise shock-waves. More information
  • Mappyfiltro is a reticulated polyurethane foam with a completely open cell structure. This product is ideal for the filtration of air and water due to the calibrated cell size. Mappyfiltro air is available in self-extinguishing version (MVSS 302). More information