Mappycubic is an acoustic absorption cube developed to greatly reduce
the reverberation in large spaces.
It is distinguished by its very nature of 6 sound absorption faces which
provide high acoustic correction power.
Each cube is produced entirely in Italy and it is composed exclusively by
polyester fibers coated with a Trevira Fabric to provide a further elegance
when it is used as design element: any cube perfectly combines the aesthetic
style and decorative effect with the highest technical performances.
Polyester fibers are perfectly safe because they do not pose any health risk
and do not degrade over time.
Furthermore they are environmentally-friendly because they are totally
recyclable and are obtained from post consumer PET plastic bottles.
Mappycubic can be used in places with high humidity because it is
permeable to water vapor.
Mappycubic highly reduces the echo effect with efficiency and elegance.
Its aesthetic quality meets indeed the multiple needs of interior designers
as well as those of architects.

Mappycubic is excellent for any large reverberant space with high ceilings
such as kindergartens, schools, recreation rooms in general, theaters,
cinemas, nightclubs, dance halls, pubs, hospitals, conference centers,
hotels, cafeterias, gymnasiums, warehouses, factories, swimming pools,
shopping malls etc.
It is suitable for new construction areas as well as those already finished
where it is required to have a rapid and clean installation without losing any
aesthetic decoration.
Several cubes can be assembled together in an array to create decorative
compositions. Mappycubic is provided with an installation kit which
includes a griplock with a hook, a wire and a ceiling attachment and for
hanging it on the ceiling.

~ 250 x 250 x 250 mm
~ 500 x 500 x 500 mm

Density 40 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity λ = 0.0321 W/mK
Fire performance B s1 d0 EN13501-1
Acoustic absorption Aeq = 0.33 - 1.49

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