In Mappy Italia fabrics become “green”

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Protecting the environment and respecting the natural resources offered by our Planet are central to the corporate decisions of Mappy Italia, which is increasingly oriented towards a green model, from the choice of its raw materials to the production stages and packaging.

From this perspective, the company strives every year to make a concrete contribution to reducing waste and pollution, and it is for this reason that at the beginning of 2023, Mappy Italia will launch a new line of completely recycled fabrics (100% PET Recycled) for Mappyfiber, decorative sound-absorbing panels ideal for improving the acoustic comfort of any environment, and for the Deca Collection, a collection of the Mappyfiber line that expresses acoustic furniture in an artistic key, reshaping its forms and concept.


Products used in this project:

Mappyfiber Different design products for acoustic correction (class bs1d0) visit the dedicated section