Build your own wellness respecting the environment

Nowadays “building” your own wellness with the help of natural and ecological materials has become a growing trend in construction. Designers and builders, aware of public opinion on issues related to ecology and energy saving, look for practical and nature-friendly solutions to develop relaxing, comfortable and built for people living spaces. Having environmental awareness means discovering the potential of elements found in nature. The new Mappy Natural Line comes from this simple consideration and the experience that MAPPY ITALIA SPA gained over the past thirty years: a new range of products studied by MAPPY ITALIA SPA’s laboratories and technical staff consisting of eco-friendly and technologically advanced products made of natural fibers and recyclable compounds.

“It is impossible to promote a culture of silence with no respect for the environment where we live.”

For this reason MAPPY ITALIA SPA applies environmental protection policies on a daily basis. From the choice of its suppliers throughout the production process to packaging and transport, MAPPY ITALIA prefers materials and products which are:

  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Regenerated
  • With reduced CO2 emissions

All Mappy Natural Line products are ideal for those who desire:

  • To reduce impact on the environment
  • To improve the living quality while maintaining the warmth of the house both in summer and winter
  • To increase the energy efficiency of our homes, reducing pollution in the environment


  • Produced with recycled raw materialsProduced with recycled raw materials
  • 100% recyclable100% recyclable
  • Respect the environmentRespect the environment
  • Exceptional acoustic and thermal insulationExceptional acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Excellent reaction to fire propertiesExcellent reaction to fire properties
  • The high performances remain unchanged over timeThe high performances remain unchanged over time
  • Does not irritate the skin of those handling itDoes not irritate the skin of those handling it
  • During installation gloves and masks are not requiredDuring installation gloves and masks are not required
  • Does not rot in humid environmentsDoes not rot in humid environments
  • Resistant to moth attackResistant to moth attack

MAPPY ITALIA SPA has always paid attention to the environment and for its efforts the company has received prestigious awards.

London Construction Awards

Following our recent submission to the London Construction Awards 2017, MAPPY ITALIA SPA has been shortlisted to the final in two chategories: "Product - Innovation of the Year" and "Sustainable Construction Award" for its innovative and sustainable coating system for the renovation of buildings situated in noisy areas.

In 2015 MAPPY ITALIA SPA had been selected to be part of the 'London Sustainability Award' category for its special Mappy Natural Line designed for green building, a range of products made from fibers with high technical performances.

MEP Sustainability Award

Mappysil CR 404 has been selected to the MEP Awards 2016 in the Sustainable Construction category. This competition recognizes and honors the latest innovations, technologies and processes that have contributed to the greatest successes in the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic industry in the United Arab Emirates.

Gaia Awards

During the Gaia Awards, an international event organized during the Big 5 Show in Dubai that rewards excellence in green building products, in 2016 MAPPY ITALIA SPA has presented Mappyfiber Bubble, Mappysil CR 404 and Mappyfiber Wool, three brand new products.

Back in 2011 MAPPY ITALIA SPA had already received a plaque and an honorable mention for the high quality of the project and of the products presented. 

Klimahouse Trend Award

The official award ceremony of the winning companies of Klimahouse Trend 2011 was held in the prestigious setting of the 4th Forum of Architecture organized by Il Sole 24 Ore. This important recognition was dedicated to the products for architecture exhibited during the fair Klimahouse 2011 that have been able to combine technology with formal solution confirming high characteristics of energy saving and efficiency. MAPPY ITALIA SPA has been awarded in the category "Insulation Systems" for the following reason: "Thermal insulation in 100% recyclable pure virgin wool."

Legambiente Innovation Award

The eleventh edition of the "Innovation Legambiente", supported by Regione Lombardia, Cariplo Foundation, Confindustria, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Symbola Foundation, had as its theme "Sustainability today: green cities, smart networks renewable resources." MAPPY ITALY SPA has received a certificate of participation for the 2011 edition Mappy Natural Line.