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Mappysil CR 404


Mappysil cr 404 is a high-performance panel for acoustic and thermal insulation of pipes and ductwork. It has a very low flammability in fact it is classified as Class A according to ASTM E 84. It is a composite material consisting of three layers: an aluminum foil finish reinforced with fiberglass scrim that provides mechanical strength and corrosion resistance; a high density flexible elastomerica mass to increases the mass and to improve the sound insulation; a polyester mat to decouple the heavy barrier from the noise source. Silsonic has been declared compliant to be used in HVAC systems to the VDI 6022 standard which ensures compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements in the sector. The product is therefore a suitable acoustic material for pipe lining.


Mppysil cr 404 is the ideal product for acoustic insulation of pipelines, HVAC ducts, outlet columns, heat exchangers, compressors and engines. The application of a protective cover, a barrier and a decoupler in a single step lowers the installation costs.