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Mappysilent is an elastomeric barrier added with mineral loads. Thanks to Its high mass and Its Elasticity, appears to be a great addition to an excellent sound insulation vibration. Mappysilent is also available in an adhesive version with hot-melt glue.


Mappysilent is an acoustic barrier suitable for use in all cases where a sound insulation material is required. It is therefore used to reduce vibrations in metal, sheet metal, glass, resin and plastic laminate structures. In construction Mappysilent is ideal in all cases where a sound impedance material between adjacent rooms is required; it can be easily coupled to sheets for drywall (plasterboard, wood, magnesium) to increase the acoustic performance and be used on either walls or ceilings. It is suitable to be used as under-tile product to acoustically insulate floor tiles from the main building in floor renovation as well as new construction. The small thickness makes Mappysilent a perfect ideal for sound insulation of pipes in particular outlet pipes, outlet columns, pipes for channelling systems in general, and mainly in the presence of reduced space availability.