Mappy Italia Spa produces a wide range of wooden acoustic panels in various types both for walls and ceilings, combining standard and customized solutions creating your decorative projects in a more exclusive way.
Mappywood is available with different processes on the slat or panel surface:

  • Grooved and perforated
  • Grooved only
  • Perforated only
  • Microperforated
  • Invisible micro-perforated
  • Plane
  • Slotted

Every panel or slat is installed through special systems carefully studied for an easy application.
The slats are fixed with omega and clips, while the panels use normal Z-systems or reinforced T24 grids.
For every individual type, we recommend using a sound-absorbing panel in polyester fiber (SILSONIC) inside the cavity in order to improve the sound absorption.
Mappywood is CUSTOMIZABLE in the format and finish in order to express in the best way the value of your environment:

  • Veneer
    Thickness 17mm
    The veneer is composed of a thin sheet of real wood (generally a few millimeters) applied on a support of wood particles. It is one of the finest materials, giving that aspect of naturalness that only real wood can give.
  • Reconstituted veneer
    Thickness 17mm
    The reconstituted veneer is a thin sheet of multilaminar wood that recreates the veins and flames of the normal veneer, assuring homogeneity even on large surfaces.
  • HPL - NWG New Wood Generation and NCG New color generation
    Thickness 17mm
    Support of wood fiber covered with high pressure laminate
  • Melamine panel
    Thickness 16mm
    Panel of wood fibers covered with melamine paper, which is a synthetic material made up of sheets of very thin paper (around the tenth of a mm) impregnated with melamine resin.

Mappywood can also be improved to increase its aesthetic value:

  • Edging (only on panels): in real wood, ABS and Melamine
  • Painting
  • Polishing: normal protective (5 gloss), medium polishing (20-50 gloss), super glossy (51-100 gloss)
  • Brushing: mirror effect


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