Mappyfiber is a decorative sound-absorbing panel, ideal for improving the acoustic comfort of any environment by reducing the reverberation and the eco effect in a functional way.
The panels are CE marked, made of polyester fiber with flame retardant Trevira yarn coating.
The polyester fibers, in addition to being safe for health, do not degrade over time thus making the technical performance of the product unchanged; moreover, they also respect the environment because they are totally recyclable and are obtained by recycling PET plastic bottles, an element that also provides LEED documentation.

Mappyfiber complies with public safety regulations; in the event of a fire, it does not propagate the flames and does not emit opaque and toxic fumes, guaranteeing a class of reaction to fire BS1D0; it can also be used in places with high humidity because it is permeable to steam and allows correct transpiration of the walls of the walls and ceilings.
Our products are accredited and available on the BIMobject portal.


Each panel can be assembled together creating infinite decorative compositions on the wall and ceiling; the result is a product that reduces noise but offers maximum creative freedom while also improving the visual experience.

The products can be applied either in adhesion or suspension through the various fixing systems proposed.

offices theaters and cinemas hotels restaurants and canteens gyms and swimming pools schools recording studios & music rooms shops and malls call center meeting rooms